Can’t help but wonder what she sees….

Grace and I had so much fun.  I just happened to catch her just looking at something and got the shot.  I wish I knew what she was thinking, wish I knew what everyone was thinking!!!  That would make life so much easier or drive me even crazier.  I feel that at times people are just to quiet with their thoughts.  I try to say it truthfully but as soft as I can but still I struggle with some people.  Life needed to have a cheat sheet so I could avoid situations that bother me.   On a smelly note, My flat still stinks and the insurance investigator is coming today to see if I am trying to cheat, come on now I am only claiming for some shirts, new bed and an antique dresses that got soaked.  Not like I left my camera, laptop and TV on the floor .   We will see how this person reacts to my small request.  Smiles all around and talk soon.  Please pass this blog on to your friends.  Coming up soon is word of the day, Richie’s world and more art!!! 🙂


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