Richie’s World!!! All is good :)

Just found out what prize I won on-line.  A FREE MOT!!!!  Now when I need to get my car checked it’s free.  What a great prize.  I might give it away to someone who could use a break..  So So tired.. everything must be catching up with me now.  Got a full schedule and that makes me berry berry tired.  No ping-pong bong as the brain is already scrambled.  Need to look into ways to save money. Any ideas out there for me to try?  Post your best ideas and lets see what works.

I have a lot of great memories of this place and wish I could have shared them with some others in my life.  One day maybe that will happen.  The Flat still stinks and it’s still all wet.  The good news is this, it really means so little in the bigger picture.  No one was hurt or died.  Life is too short to worry about things that have no real meaning.  If you have good health are happy and someone who really loves you then you are the richest person in the world.  Whats going on the images are hidden!!!


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