I’m Back!!! Richie’s World

Hi all,

Just got Sunday so this is the first of many catch-up post.   My flat is in a state of STINK!!!!  Had a flood due to a broken pipe in the on suit bathroom.  The bedroom and hall are under water.. Yuck or should it be #uck!!! Oh well it will now have to be sorted.  I long for an easy ride since the plane(S) back really did a number on me and my back.  Can’t think straight at the moment but hoping that the next day will be clearer.  I will put a picture up of the Airport in Detroit.  Massive place and we had to wait around for 4 hours.  So what do you do?  EAT and Shop!!  no more money for me… It’s nice to be back right now but only time will tell.  Could not shop the way I planned as the family time comes first!!! I had a great time seeing 75% of my family (immediate ones).  No crazy talk right now but it’s creeping in my head already!  bye for now and enjoy the pics.. Smiles to everyone.  


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  1. Kevin
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 20:46:51

    liked your web site, this is kevin, a traveling nurse, worked with u at the Dorn VA. working in Augusta , GA now, hope u r well. ttyl Kev


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