Just a thought!!! in Richie’s World

I woke up this morning thinking too deep.  What if you only get one choice in how you want your life to be?  What choice would you make.  Money, fame, family, I don’t know but for me it’s always been my family.  Not just the word but my circle.  Anyone can be in the circle but you have to want to be in it.  If you don’t then that’s ok too.  I find it hard to allow anyone because if you hurt or have hurt anyone in my circle then its hard to impossible to get in or back in.  I try to see gray but black and white is easier for me.  I have always wanted money and to a point still do.  I want just a bit more than enough.  Don’t we all.  I have been playing the lotto here in the USA and also buying these silly scratch cards.  Won $5 and $10 but my mum won $100 for the $5 investment.  I wouldn’t mind winning a few grand!!!  Would that be my choice? no!  family circle still wins.  Let me know whats choice you would make.


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