A day with ICE CREAM!!!


Well 5 kids and 2 adults took a trip to Ben And Jerry’s ice cream factory in Vermont.  The trip was fine as the kids sang Lady GaGa songs or watched movies while the boring adults talked.  It was a good day.  The kids could not wait to get there, Are we there yet? NO are we there yet? NO  it went on for a while but as every good adult would do we ignored the rest of the questions.  We arrived to see all the other people being very excited and looking like bush pigs!!!  We had a few jokes and bought our tickets for the tour.  After the tour we got to sample the flavor of the day.  No I don’t remember the flavor as after a while all icream taste the same.  I then had the new coffee buzz buzz flavor.  It said it was coffee with choc. and choc covered coffee beans.  No beans to be found in my ice cream 😦  we then headed to the Notch.  It’s a mountain road only open in the summer.  We let the kids out for some rock climbing and photos.   My allergies hit me hard then.  I felt like someone just filled my head and throat with saw dust!! Cough and sneeze.  I hope it goes soon as I hate this feeling and my nose is so sore from blowing it… Off to town soon and relax for the day as the big Reunion is Saturday!!! to many people but it will be ok…


Smiles to all and see you all soon.. 🙂

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