Richie’s World!!!??

After a long journey from the UK to Burlington Vermont I think my brains are in shock.  The amount of security checks is outrageous. the questions that were asked have done my head in.  What is your name?  Come on you have my Passport right in front of you.  Are you carrying over $10,000 dollars in cash??:) If I was I would have flown first class!!!! Oh never ever buy water at the airport. I made it through the first check point and then bought some water for the flight only to have it taken away at the next point.  You can’t smuggle it in the secure area .  You are allowed to buy bottles of booze and bring it in but no not water, a liquid that can’t explode like alcohol.  Won’t go on about it but oh well.  Oh why is it that all the check point let you keep your shoes on but once you take a domestic flight in the USA you have to take your shoes off? I didn’t even leave the departure area, no contact with free people.  Richie’s head is all messed up because of all the scanners.  I think they impregnate your brain with cattle brain cells so you do as you are told.  Did you know that beer and wine are free on international flights but as soon as it’s an internal one the price for a beer is $5.00 and wine is $7.00?  Did it suddenly become an item that is hard to get, prohibition all over again.  All and all it ok here, just not used to the Funny ways.  Talk soon and smiles to all.  I promise to get pictures of the trip on here soon but have no idea on down loading them on this computer.  Some pictures are meant for private viewing:)!!! Till next time Richie’s World is signing out or is going insane.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tonya Lulek
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 13:17:57

    After this trip you may have to change your blog title to American Mind gone British!!!


  2. sara
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 20:06:43

    hey tonya…….like the new title for him!!!!!


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