American Mind in England Heads Home For Two Weeks. :)

Hi all,

Just so you all Know I am heading out to the USA!  Can’t wait to step back in the home land.  I might be late with some of my blogs but I promise that the blogs will be truly funny and fun.  I will be honest with all as usual and the photos will be crazy.  I plan to get shot from the road to the airport and around the area I will be in.  I did the packing for myself and little girl and I feel that I did a crap job.  It is hard when you never really did it before. What to take what gift to bring. ??? Crazy boy is going to loose it.  I wish I had help. Will the cases be to heavy, will things break? I don’t know.  I bet I forget loads and leave loads in the USA. Well that will be me helping to fill their land fill..  I just need a camera and a glass or two of wine and all will be fine.  I don’t have a clue in my new life but will figure it out and have a great time.  I have to make the best of my life and I will make it the best.  I can’t change the past but can make the present perfect and hope the future turns out right.  Time to get some sleep. See you all in the morning for the last post till I land in the states.. Smiles to all. 🙂


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