Richie’s WORLD!!!!

Hi all,

it’s that time again. Fun, friends and loads going on.  Work was a blast, made everyone wonder if I was actually on something no not really, I  was just being me.   I had a trainee with me today and she was so grateful in the way I  teach.  I let her get on with it with little help and said my only rule is don’t panic.  She did well but needed some help.  Bing bong Bang here I go my head is cooking with GAS!!!  Hot mama, fire crackers.  It must be the hot Pizza in my belly.  Why do birds sing, deliverance and free Willey!  Don’t understand why I just wrote that but oh well.  Ok I am back, well at least for now. I just emailed or facebooked a person from my past.  If I could go back in time things would be different in my life.  I wouldn’t change who I am but the decisions and actions would definitely be rethought.  I love what I do and who I am today… Let me share with you some photos I have taken.


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