Monday Monday

Sounds like a song to me!  Well work is going as usual, everyone is tired.  I for one found Sunday night sleep impossible.  Why?  Just read my favorite blog, Pioneer woman.  No I didn’t finder her on my own,  a friend gave me the site.  The things she comes up with are great, makes my day.  I never know what the day will bring so I just let it happen in its own pace but if I’m not happy I try to change the outcome.  We all have the power to change what is happening around us.   Christmas music is playing in the back ground 🙂 Sad but nice.  The iPod is on shuffle!!! Help my head is running away with me. So much to do and so little time left to do it all.  Must join my friend and create a “Bucket List” of thing to do before age sets in.  Going to meet up with him this week and I will set up the list.  Travel is one but it needs to be in far away places and camera in hand.  Ok this rambling needs to stop!!  Send me your top “TEN BUCKET LIST” ideas and  I will see if any of them sound interesting enough for me to try and then report back to you on how it worked out.  Go Wild / Crazy because I am!!! Smiles to all 🙂

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  1. sara
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 07:40:42

    Until now I hadn’t thought of actually writing a “bucket” list……….Of course I have ideas swimming around in my head of things I would like to do in the future , but have never put them on paper.
    Life is short and we should be making the most of it. We all want to say we have achieved much in our life time, but we are all different and there should be no pressure that our list have to be “hip and trendy”………….I think the key isn’t found in a list but having the motivation to actually go out and do, even if its just to enjoy the simple pleasures in life… kissing someone you love in warm tropical rain.

    There is an old proverb that says ” The key to happiness is to always have something to look forward to” so here is my “someday” pile…….in no specific order.

    1. see aurora borealis
    2. see a tornado in real life
    3. crush grapes with my feet
    4. experience zero gravity
    5. stay one night in the ice hotel
    6. visit Meteora in Greece
    7. visit all the national parks in the U.S
    8. see Sri Lanka
    9. learn to start a fire without matches
    10.see an open air opera in Italy
    11. passionate kiss in hot tropical rain ( I know seen too many romantic movies!)
    12. go island hopping in the Caribbean
    13. experience Glamping in exotic locations
    14. learn to use my camera
    15. spend a night in a light house
    16. visit Venice
    17. volunteer to work in monkey rescue centre
    18. go to a jazz club in New Orleans
    19. whizz across jungle top on zip ropes
    20. target practice with tin cans
    21. improve my drawing
    22. ride in a helicopter …somewhere with fantastic views
    23. capture lightning in a photograph
    24. visit Galapago Island safari camp
    25. skinny dip again
    26. receive a love letter/poem
    27. have a go at archery
    28. see another Cirque De Soleil performance
    29. wilderness survival course
    30. live with someone i can share the rest of my life with
    31. survive teenage years
    32. visit scotland
    33. experience a boat house holiday
    34. visit Banff national park
    35. see the midnight sun and take photographs
    36. see a fortune teller!
    37. have chickens again
    38. visit Cambodia, Vietnam ( Halong bay),Bora Bora, The caves of Carlsbad, there is sooo many places
    39. visit the underwater sculpture park in mexico
    40. ……….

    This list will probably change as time passes and as my priorities take different turns as life goes on…..but I hope I get to do some of them and to carry on being content and happy in myself.

    …..I also did a ” what i’ve achieved ” list!! but don’t worry I wont bore you with that one. 🙂


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