Never ever save a child’s run away balloon, it ends in tears!!!

Tonight I went for a walk along the sea-side and saw a big red balloon blowing towards the sea.  I noticed a little boy looking sad and reaching in the air for it.  I being of sound mind decided to play the nice stranger/hero and rescue this escaping balloon.  I got the balloon and walked over to the little boy and by then his mum was there too.  I handed the boy the balloon and his mum said to say thank you, BOOM!!!! the damn thing popped.  I was in shock and the boy’s face was a picture. Total loss of life force as the shock hit.  He screamed and wouldn’t stop.  His mum said thank you and tried to help her son understand that the nice man tried to help but I know what he was thinking, You bastard! you popped my only balloon.   I felt crappy but at the same time I wanted to laugh.  Well to be honest I did but only out of sight of the kid.  There were other couples that watched this whole thing unfold and they too just laughed as it was so funny. I wish it was recorded and put on YOUTUBE.  So the moral of this true story is never ever save a childs run away balloon, you will laugh but scar the kid for life or at least the parents for the rest of the night.  The little boy and his family were enjoying the end of there night at the Paignton carnival week.  Hope he get another balloon in the morning or better yet they go and buy another one tonight so the whole family can sleep in piece.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tonya Lulek
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 22:18:59

    Thank you so much for the laugh, Ineeded it today!


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