Just a quick note!! Richie’s world

Golfing is a dangerous sport!! The amount of unfortunate accidents that occur on the course which involve a golf ball is crazy.  If hit in the eye as I have seen recently is the equivalent to being shot in the eye.  Please be careful not to tee off when others are in front of you.  Sorry to all as I didn’t write anything last night but will be back on track tonight.  Took some Great photos early in the morning of the sun rise.  They look great on the camera but need to see if they are good enough for the blog. 🙂  Sleep dreaming is the best form of healing and it is my favorite pastime.  It allows me to be and do what ever I want.  Could that be reality and reality is my dream?  We all have different ways of looking at things around us.  Like what is real and what isn’t,  what’s important and whats not.  Thankfully we are all different and some of us won’t be maneuvered to follow the norm.  Talk tonight. 🙂


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