Just one in a million

Like the wheat in this field everyone is unique even though we all seem the same.  The wheat has so many uses in its life span as each one of us have many purposes.  I am learning that I too have a purpose in life but struggle to understand why at times it’s so hard.  I was told that life will be hard and one must learn to adapt.  To me it should be, life is what you make it.. You can make it hard or you can make it easy.  I choose to make it easy and still hard bits keep jumping up in front of me.   I see things differently to what the norm is and that should be a good thing so why is it seen as weird to others.?   The wheat looks as if it has an easy life.  In a field of different but same plant it to has it’s hardships.  It has to contend with bugs eating away at it.  Chemicals being sprayed on it to fight the bugs and disease.  And one day without warning the farmer comes along and changes your whole existence in one quick CHOP!  Now the new life begins.  Will It become a bag of flour, a cake or will it be left to waste?  Thats what seems to happen to all of us.  Some are lucky to gain a life that is easy, some a difficult one and worst of all some just do make it and are left to waste.  I seem to have fallen on the middle road of this scale, easy but difficult.  We all have our own out look on where we fall so my story is different to yours.  I feel lucky to have all that I need to make things right for those in my life.  If you look around with your heart and not your eyes you will see that you too are lucky.  There are those in more need then you no matter how you look at things.  More on this thought later. Keep smiling and all will or is alright. 🙂 Pass it on!


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