Richie’s World

Just so everyone knows I may be a little bit unstable, crazy or am I sane.   You need to decide.  I went out tonight to just be me and meet some lovely people and you know what all is well.  Bing bong pang Oh Know it’s happening again, What love got to do with it, Ace of spades, bill Clinton. which way is up I am not sure.  Ok I am back now, well at least for some period of time.  Have you ever wondered what life would be like without TV? I did it for some time and now have one but there is nothing on!!! Need to be more creative and just enjoy my life.  I will be painting on Sunday and then get ready for work.  I can’t stop thinking of the camera, I want to take more pictures, Like to do some nudes but in a creative, suggestive way. Who could I ask? I not into dirty pics but have some ideas but don’t know how to ask or get them out. I will do some of me but need to have some control of the shoot.  I want to go out with some one that has been there.  The weather is great and I need to take more advantage of it.  Honk stonk plonk help my head is drifting again.  Sex, why is it always there? oh no its gone now. cameras are so interesting.  How can this technology be so advanced?  Pictures of our souls well some tribes think so or is it a brain taking memories and keeping it on a hard copy.  This blog is really in my head.  Love it!!!!  Look at this photo and tell me what you really see, has it got meaning?  


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