New product and I need help!!!



This is for my music. I am looking into buying the Brennan JB7.  Can anyone tell me what they think of it.  It seems very nice and compact.  It stores over 5000 cds.  I think it sounds great but want advice.   If you have one then let me know.  Pass this blog on to all your friends as someone just might have one and could help me decide. thank you all. Here are the details:

better way to enjoy your music.

    • JB7 holds your entire CD collection on a hard disk to give you instant access to any of your music and play unbroken music for as long as you want.
    • You can choose and play an album or track without getting out of your chair.
    • You get to see what is playing from across a room.
    • One button plays your entire music collection at random – another turns it off – it’s what you need when its late and you just want to unwind.

JB7 will re-awaken your passion for music. It will make you feel like a teenager again.



Amazing things happen when you listen to your music on JB7

I re-discovered that I loved Van Morrison. I mean how did that happen? I’d somehow forgotten that I loved Van Morrison. I have a handful of his CDs but somehow when I saw the words on the side of a CD on a shelf it did nothing to me.

Once I had my JB7 I was just scrolling through the albums from the sofa and I thought I haven’t heard Van for a while so I pressed play. It was like discovering a twenty pound note in an old pair of jeans or having a cup of tea made by a friend.

The next thing you know I’m on Amazon browsing for more CDs.

JB7 packs a dynamite 60W amp in a package the size of a book. It has a vibrant blue soft scrolling display and convention defying yet classy blue styling. Get your friends round – show off!

There is nothing like JB7 at the price. Its not just great in the home – JB7 has been picked up by restaurant, bar and shop owners because it delivers hassle free non-stop music. No computer no network.

Your CD collection probably cost you thousands, it can make you cry or make you sing and dance but its doing nothing for you on the shelf.

On a practical note – if you want to brighten up your living room – the Brennan lets you enjoy your music and create some space. Even 100 CDs can make a room look cluttered.

3.1x Faster than Sony

If you are going to load your CD collection onto a hard disk you really need the loading process to be as quick and simple as possible. If it takes too long its no fun and its too easy to give up.

The Brennan has a high performance CD mechanism, a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and streamlined software to slash loading times.

In a test we loaded a CD album by David Gray onto a Sony Gigajuke and the Brennan JB7. The Sony took 11 minutes and 27 seconds. The Brennan 3 minutes 39 seconds.



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