Just “Dave”

Just Dave is back!!! I am so excited.:)  I went for a walk and saw him last evening and I stopped to say hello.  He remembered me and we chatted for some time.  I was supposed to have been out doing a photo assignment but Dave is an Angel.  He asked how I was doing and I gave him the run down on my life.  He said that I was a bit abrupt in the way I speak to people.  So me being me asked what do you mean by that?  The answer was one filled with philosophical quotes.  Dave having been a teacher and holds a master’s degree had all the words and knowledge so I had to listen.  He said that instead of being so direct with others even though I was being honest I had to be more diplomatic.  I have to remember to let the other party in question use his/her ladder to climb down, that’s right down to me.  If I don’t give people that chance then there is no point in talking as they won’t be able to get down to me and really talk.. He also helped me to understand the “walls” I have rebuilt and still building.. These walls feel like they are protecting me by keep people at a safe distance as not to be hurt by them.  I know and acknowledge that I find it hard but am trying.  Dave started to sing a song and it reminded me of an old jazz / blues singer.  His voice is deep and full of joy.. He seemed not to have a care in the world as he told me the past is gone so why worry about it anymore.  I once said I can’t change the past or predict the future but I can influence the now.  Dave remarked on that statement by saying ” why think about it and just be here now”.  You know that the past is gone and you have no clue to the future but you can send out ripples. These ripple can be positive or negative, it all depends on what you do now.  He like to sit on the same bench everyday and just be in the moment.  He has his Cider and a few cigarettes and people watch.  I watched him stare off into the sea and it made be want to ask what was on his mind but that is his thought and he would tell me only if he wanted.  I asked him if I could photograph him and he said “if it makes you feel happy then shoot away.  I took a few pics and each one seems to tell a story.  Can you say that about your pics of just one person?  He seems to be at peace and it shows in his eyes.  Let me know what you think of this next bit of Just “Dave.”  I will continue posting or rather Blogging about Dave.  🙂


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