Just a candle and a thought

It was just a light that caught my eye.  Went out with the camera because I find myself wanting to capture what I see.  The only problem is this, what I see in my mind isn’t what I actually get with the camera.  Thank god it’s digital.  I can delete the ones I don’t feel are good enough and every now and then I get a good one.  I welcome help from anyone when it come to learning about my camera.  I was inspired by a local photographer but there was only a handful of his images that I really loved.  I hope to be as good as he is one day.  He is self-taught and that is what I am.  I now try to make the camera take the perfect shot without using photo shop.  I can’t use this program right now as I had to take it off my computer. (the program was corrupted)  The photo for this post may not be the best but it was my first picture of a lit candle. I do like light.  Hope you see the beauty of the light.  It could represent a new beginning or something deeper.  I hope it just makes you smile and think. Enough of this for now as work is calling me. 🙂 smiles to all.

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