Meeting some amazing PEOPLE!!

In my life I have had the most rewarding time so far.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet the most amazing people.  I could list literally hundreds of them but I’m not able to remember their names.  I could mention some of them by name and why I think they are amazing but won’t as they might want their privacy.  With that in mind I am only going to use made up names but will give reasons why.  Each person is represented by one of these straw bundles. 🙂

The first person on my list but in no real order it’s just that this person touched me.  His outlook on life is purely simple, he lives it the best he can.  I learned so much by just watching and listening to what is going around him.  Can you imagine  seeing things around you in pictures.?  Not words as they have no real meaning, the pictures tell the story of whats going on.  You depend on all but you have a mind that it so active and you are considered mentally ill but in reality its other reasons that others think you are.  You are caught up in another world but still in this one.  It reminds me od the book ” The Diving Bell and the Butterfly “.  This guy book is basically about a normal mans life is changed by an unknown act of fate that left him cut off from all.  He could only communicates by blinking one eye.  All other means of caring for himself were taken away for the remaining time he had left in this life. He did write this book after inventing a way to communicate with his Carers.  I won’t tell you anymore about the book but you need to read it.  It is a short but touching story.

Another person that came into my life nine years ago is still in it.  She has the ability to make me smile as everything she sees or says makes me smile.  Seeing things threw her eyes makes me question what I see.  It’s a bit like cloud watching, you or I should say I may see a dragon in my mind but she says no its an elephant in a field of flowers.  Now I have to struggle to see it but soon it comes clear.  With that in mind, she is developing and without her knowing I am developing also.

I can say that these are my amazing people and to say this sounds hard or weird but they are not all friends, some are true friends but most are just people who I have gained something from.  I only really have less than a handful of real friends that I can depend on.  Of these friends, I would struggle to burden them with my problems.  I may talk about issues with them but NEVER ask for help. Why?  They have lives and difficulties the same as me so why give them more worries and use up their valuable time. Once this time is taken they can’t get it back.  More to come later on Amazing People!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tonya
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 00:46:36

    Ron, you are one of my amazing people! You are strong even when you feel weak. You are a writer, a poet and a photographer. With those qualities you are openning a new world for me! I love you


  2. sara
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 19:18:17

    so true……


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