Rain,Ironing,Painting,Thinking, it’s all in Richie’s World!!!!

What a day!!  Rain and sun or should I say Liquid sunshine.  Yes it’s a good spin on the negatives but that’s what needs to happen.  Did so much today NOT.  Ironing is such good fun. Would anyone like to come over and try it. I won’t charge you too much for this fun task.  Mark Twain’s book Tom Soyer and Huckleberry Finn, Had this idea of getting all the kids to give him things to have the pleasure of Painting his fence so I thought having all of you come over and give me something to iron my clothes.  Sound good to you?  Yes it’s a bargain.   Painting the “Yellow Rose” had a but of an accident but I took my time and fixed it and now this layer needs to dry.  Hope to finish it soon as Someone special asked me to do a “CHILI” .  This must have something to do with the great argument of the power of the “CHILI” versus “SEX”. (written in the Star paper) Would have said News Paper but there really isn’t any news in it but just entertainment.  Any more ideas for my new painting technique?  Remember I am just learning so not too difficult. Oh No here I go again my mind is racing.. Ping, Ping, Pong  Baby don’t hurt me don’t hurt me no more, I don’t want to be friends, Birdie Birdie in the sky why did you do it in my eye? Glad that elephants don’t fly.  Ok I’m back.. 🙂  Just had some olives, both Green and Black along with some red sweet chili peppers stuffed with cream cheese.  Might finish the left overs from the other night. If life was meant to be something to enjoy then why is it we spend so much time working?  Do you really love working so much that it makes your life fulfilling.  Not me, but I am forced to so I can enjoy some time I have.  Or is work life a dream and sleep time is my real life?  I am not sure how all this is supposed to be.  Life is what we make it and I am always trying to change things.  I like to stir it up some to change the dynamics of my world.  My head says learn and play but the world around me says conform or be labeled strange, different, not normal.  What is normal?  definitely not me!!!!  No new phone for me until October as my contract isn’t up till then but they tried to get me to upgrade now so my contract would be extended for another two years.  I will wait for a better deal and switch to O2 and then get a great phone.  I will use Quidco as my friend showed me that site and you get cash back by going through their site. Bonus!!!!  Talk soon on this blog only.  Pass it on 🙂 Smiles to all.


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  1. sara
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 20:41:42

    rich you are proving my mother right! after she met you she congratulated me on breaking my norm! now I realize she wasn’t referring to your strange ramblings but rather to my usual choice of men! and she is right!!

    But it has made me think…What does the word ”normal” make you think of….

    Acceptable, common, usual, regular, typical, average, standard, conforming, right!
    some may call it being boring……And I am sure I am guilty of some of these …….

    But we all want to be accepted….I know I do……So is it bad to be normal? Is it bad to be abnormal? Who decided what is normal and what is not?? How did we reach a consensus on what level of social behavior is acceptable? Can we ignore each individuals unique circumstances and how we’re supposed to feel?

    If we are labeling things as normal and abnormal we are in danger of using it ti judge, discriminate ,ridicule and insult ………It then becomes easy to forget about empathy,compassion,understanding, and the most common thread of humanity– Love.
    Instead of fearing or meeting something new with disdain and suspicion we should welcome it with curiosity and a desire to understand……Life would be much simpler if we trusted more and allowed ourselves and others to just be…….

    Back to what my mother was referring to!!! She is right! as mothers always are even if we don’t like admitting it at the time…….I may laugh and even shake my head at times at how you are at times …..but I also treasure the fact that you are not like most men and think myself very lucky for having met someone like you.x


  2. sara
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 20:44:43

    the ramblings of a wine induced cougar!!!!


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