Going to the beach or a wrong turn???

Whilst out for a walk with Grace we were passed by a Fire engine or as we say Fireman Sam.  We were in ah at seeing Fireman Sam belt it down the road.  There wasn’t any smoke in the air or big flames of red, yellow and orange.  So what could this mean?  Is there another type of emergency?  Then Fireman Sam turned a corner and we lost sight of him.  Then Grace said”look Dad its a Fire woman”.  She was guiding the Fire engine back.  They turned around and drove up the hill and smiled and waved.  We concluded that they took a wrong turn as it was a road that was to small for this Big Fire Engine.  It was nice to see them but what if they got stuck?  It could have been a disaster if they were needed.  All in all it’s not a big deal as they just drove away and we talked about it for a while.  Her, Grace has such an active imagination.  The what if questions just kept coming.  As soon as I answered one question another on came.  It got to the point that I had to say to Grace, “this is silly”.  Smiles to all and pass this on.  Remember to subscribe to my blog.  It’s free and if you could pass it on.  🙂  Oh! this Beach is in Goodrington Devon.


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