The mystery surrounding the male snoring is now reviled and you heard it first here on this blog.  It all comes from the animal instinct programmed in every male animal.  You notice that dogs and cats wee in their teritory, well they are telling all other males that this place is theirs.  Silver back gorillas smash down trees and charge around the group and scream well they are also telling all other males that they own this area and the female is theirs so bog off!  When it comes to the human male snoring is considered a sleeping/breathing problem by Medical Doctors.  This advice helps you to understand why you snore and your partner can then understand and empathize some what.  The truth is its really a protecting mechanism.  Yes all us men snore to broadcast to the world but aimed  at other men that this is our territory and the female is mine!!  The woman should be understanding and not be offended.  We don’t do this to deprive them of sleep but to comfort them by saying you are safe with me.  I will protect whats mine.  So you now know the real reason for snoring.  Now ladies take a deep breath and remember that the next time you are woken up to the sounds of your mans snoring he is saying to you how much he loves you.  To reassure him that all is well and you want him to stop then just give him a cuddle and kiss.  You might be surprized at what happens. 🙂  Smiles to all and pass on the blog so everyone will know the truth.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 16:48:22

    Nothing to do with too much wine then????


  2. sara
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 10:32:11

    Just like a man to try and justify the snore to make himself feel better and less guilty!!!

    From the point of views of your understanding woman….:)

    IT’s cold and still outside
    Curled together in a warm embrace
    Our bodies ….Oh so near,
    Toes pressed together
    I just love your gentle snoring
    and your heartbeat in my ear…


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