Just read an article in the “STAR” Want to live longer? Have Sex….

This article caught me off guard but I needed to read it. Am I missing something or is it going to be rubbish in a rubbish paper.  The gist of the article is Men should have sex at least twice a week.  Now two times a week is fine if both parties involved in this activity agree and its benefits might help secure this.  It says that it will help prevent erectile problems, help reduces stress just to name a couple of advantages.  My reasons to support this is simple it feels good because the release of endorphins and also it says it helps you look younger.  If you need an excuse for fun under the sheets then tell your partner you are starting to get a cold and that sex more than twice a week produces immunoglobulins.  This helps fight off colds!!! That is a winner to me.  Also mentioned in the article is the calories burning off in having sex, so do it more and benefit weight wise or have that extra snack! 🙂

Now let’s be real, We engage in this activity because we love our partner and would do anything to please them.  You are at your most vulnerable when it’s just you, open and trusting.  Sex may seem a physical dance but for some its mental, it all starts in the head.  I realize that everyone is different in how they perceive sex but in the end it is just an act that is programmed into us and we have the ability to decide what happens in regards to our bodies and mind.  🙂


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  1. Tonya
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 00:59:12

    Nice picture to go with the blog……


  2. sara
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 09:57:06


    Green,red or yellow
    so very hot to mellow
    A soft blanket covering skin
    You’ve got to eat it to let it in
    It’s enjoyable burning
    A wanting a yearning
    So long and thin, so hot within…………

    I know you already know what I’m talking about rich! But for the rest of you I thought I would argue the case for the CHILI, which has a far more positive impact on your life if you consume some on a regular basis.

    There are more than 2000 varieties of chili, so there should be at least one variety to your taste … we are all individuals with an individual palate. What is stimulating to one person may just be barely spicey to another, but what you are forgetting rich is that chilies are addictive, the more you eat them,the more you will want to eat them, and the hotter you will desire them to be! ( really it’s true!)

    But as they say it’s never too late to start and develop your own chili drive 🙂
    The hotter the chilies you eat, the healthier you are!
    The hotter the chili the greater the Capsaicin level…….The more Capsaicin level one gets the more health benefits……..It raises your endorphin level which gives us that good feeling that rich was talking about, it improves your libido and boosts your sex drive. It increases you metabolic rate and also helps control the insulin levels after eating.( for those of you who have weight issues!)
    Capsaicin reduces plaque in the vascular system, as a blood thinner to protect against strokes, provides some pain relief, it has antibacterial properties, assists digestion, helps stop the spread of prostate cancer spreading, lowers the risk of stomach cancer, it has vitamin C, B, B6,Potassium, Magnesium ………….

    so i will leave it for you to decide which is better for you sex or chili???

    from mental to physical bliss,
    from good love…….
    and chili sensation. 🙂


    • Richard Hersey
      Jul 17, 2011 @ 10:47:50

      I love the argument! All I was saying to you is that the chili hurts my tummy. It burns my mouth and upsets my tummy and lower down. Now sex doesn’t hurt my tummy. I am really trying to eat more chili but I know whats going on in my insides. You have a strong case and the article did come from the star so that says it all right. It is only a bit of fun and helps us guys to show the ladies the benefits from often sex, HA HAAA. Thanks for the comment and the lovely poem. 🙂


  3. sara
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 11:13:59

    mind over matter!!!! but love the fact that you try x baby steps on the chili front 🙂


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