“E” Numbers!!!!!! How to break the habit.

Today I felt like I needed some kind of a boost and boy did I get one.  Cupcakes with tons of E numbers. BING BING BONG PING.  That whats happening to my brain right now.  Help I think I see fish in the air. Oh, its ok those are clouds. 🙂 Cake, Cake and more cake. Help I have no self-control.  Sweet food is like a drug to me, once I have a taste I feel the need to over eat.  Can’t control the urge.  There must be a 12 step program to kick this habit.  I think I know how to do it but killing myself is not an option.

Step to kick the sweet habit.

1) Stay away from sweet eating people

2) Don’t go food shopping

3) Don’t Go to tourist areas like the amusement parks or fun fairs

4) When eating out make sure you have some Duct tape handy after you finish your main meal  so you can tape your mouth shut whilst everyone is enjoying their sweets

5) Rid your house of any child not so friendly foods

6) Just give up food and all fun as this 12 step method won’t work.

I can’t even think of any more steps so this is totally useless.  I will just have to try harder the next time some one brings in cakes or chocolate!!!!!  If you know how to kick the habit please leave a comment on how to do it.  The funnier the better.   Smiles to all 🙂


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  1. Karen
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 09:42:32

    Richard…You are WEAK!!! You’ll never be able to resist my lemon cake tomorrow, you’ll be begging for more.

    May I suggest removing all your teeth.



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