Monday Monday in “Richie’s World”

It’s starting out to be one of those days!!!  Try to be the best you can be but still some people manage to put a spin on things.  I am closing my circle of Friends, some people will be left on the outside now.  It sounds hard but thats life.  I try to put others first but it’s getting me know where.  Nice guys finish last right.  I won’t be last anymore.   If people want into my circle then stop thinking only about them selves and look at the bigger picture.  I am reading a great book, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.   I am learning so much about men and women.  I wish I read this book 20 years ago..  Why is it when driving to work I see the best pictures but have no camera with me? The sun rise was out of this world. 🙂 Well it would be as it is out of this world.  POP POP BING is what going on in my brain.  To many thoughts and not enough time to process them so some are forgotten. Oh well they must not be important in my world!  Insane at play. Now I need that stamped on my forehead.  That way everyone could stay clear of me or join in the fun.   Kiss Kiss Hug Hug is all I need or to give either way I win!! 🙂  Making plans and arranging things is key to living but it can also cause havoc on the brain.  I love to laugh and see people smile but I also need time to myself as Richie’s  World is full of interesting things and places that I am only able to access.  Could you imagine if it was possible to let someone else into your head to see what you feel think and do?  How interestingly scary that would be.  I would like to jump in and out of different peoples thoughts.  WOW that was deep.  I need to swim away from this thought and start a new thread in my mind.  How about the clam. What a life hiding in ones shell trying not to be eaten by everything in and out of the sea.  Or maybe a bird, I would have to be a good food eating bird as I don’t like bugs or worms.   I would love flying around and only being true to one partner for life.  Sounds romantic but life isn’t romantic unless you make it happen in your world.  My world/head is becoming complete and ready to move on to the next level.   Will explain that theory another time! Good bye from Richie’s World for now.  Smiles to all because I am!!!! 🙂


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