Karen Miller? Devon Driftwood Designs Ltd

Karen Miller has to be the best Driftwood Artist ever.   I have been friends with her for just over a year.  I visit her studio/shop on average every other month to see what new things she has come up with.   I decided to show her work to a special friend as I talk about her work all the time.   When we walked into the shop we were greeted with the biggest and best smile.  The energy that Karen gives out is amazing as she is always happy.  Karen was hard at work putting in new creations on display and talking with loads of people.   One item that I wanted to show my friend was her Christmas Tree’s but one item jumped out on me.  The “Lion fish”!!!! It popped off the was to me and I had to have it.  I walked around the town, Brixham, to make up my mind on whether or not to buy it.  When I came back I said yes! 🙂 So Karen told me she would not make another “WHITE LION FISH” as the wood is extra hard and getting white driftwood is harder to get.  Karen signed and named my piece “JAWS”.  This fish now is now on my wall for me to enjoy all the time.  Karen’s work is totally incredible and everyone should visit her in Brixham Devon UK.   I guess when you find something that gives you so much pleasure then why not get it.  You only live once so live it.   I love art.   Making/creating things is fun but it’s not the same if you copy a piece of work that some other artist has done.  Doing your own thing using the same medium is ok.  Hope you like the fish. Smiles to all and pass on this blog and remember to subscribe to it as its free..    Karen Miller, Devon Driftwood Designs Ltd. in Brixham Devon UK is on my Like list!!!!


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