Richie’s World

Another glimpse into my world the one that only exist in my mind/head.  Going to work for the man as they say is wrong.  I feel like a worker Bee or Ant.  I am not saying that being a bee or an ant is wrong even though I am stereotyping those two bugs but it’s hard not to compare human life with them and see that many similarities stand out.  There are very few in charge of the masses.  The commoner ie. worker or in human terms working class seems to do everything for the higher class/rich but always looking to be on the top-level.  I don’t no if the Bee or Ant thinks this way or are they programmed to not think of such things.  I for one know I only like the best and will keep climbing to get out of this proverbial pit. I can see the light even though it is so small like the size of a pin head.  I surround myself around people who are good for me and do things that make me feel great.  I try to find one thing each day to be thankful for and today it was…… That my secret as you have your own. 🙂  What makes me thankful or happy only applies to me so telling you would have no real effect to your life except maybe make you laugh, smile, cry or even think how stupid.  I really have to say know matter what you may think I will always be true to me.  I am an open book and will always say what I feel or think but will try to say it in a tactful way if it is possible.  I love this blog and am grateful for all that read it and find some joy in what I share.  I really like the comments even ones that are negative as it is important to stay true to yourself.  Your opinions are just as valid as mine and I don’t think myself as better than anyone.  Heres a questions for everyone and please leave me your thoughts. Why is it that in England some people feel they have the right to have a pic nic and when they are done, they leave, but have left their rubbish/trash behind?   WHY?  You must have hated your fun, happy break because you had no respect for that space.  Please tell me what I am missing out on.  I welcome all thoughts on this.  🙂  Smiles to all   Oh! this photo is of family and yes we had a pic nic party for my daughter’s birthday and we did take all our mess home with us so that others could enjoy the same space we did but never know we were there.


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