Richie’s world

My head is now happy, had a beer with a pill.  No I’m kidding!!! HAHA  Work is over for another day and just realized I have been out of the house for 16.5 hours. What kind of life is that.  I did do one thing, Dream yes I dreamed most of the day.  I was dreaming of the Eurolotto, it is another roll over.  That means it will be 169 Million Pound on Friday.!! Heck I would be happy to share it with 100 people.  You have to be in it to win it but the dreams feel so real.  I won’t know until Saturday as I don’t watch the live draw.   I don’t want to live for the lotto but would be happy to live a winner of the lotto.  I know everyone wants to do the same and the odds of winning are so small that you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning twice in a row then winning but having the chance is the adrenaline rush for me.  They also say that having that much money you won’t be happy or friends!  I say Bullshi# because if I had that much I would buy happiness or a friend if I need one.  Those sad people who feel money would ruin your life need a life and you know what, if they won they could buy one!  Look he’s happy and for all you know it could be me with money…. Keep the smiles on and be as happy as him…


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