Just “DAVE”

Lately I find myself thinking of Dave  as he is one of those special people who comes into your life for a reason.  To this day I wonder what it was that pushed our paths together.  Now I go for walks in hopes of seeing him but this year he is not to be seen.  Could he be an “angel”?  We all need so help or hope at different times in our lives.  Why is it mainly when we are in some sort of discomfort or pain.  I consider my self very lucky for what life has given me even though my ride is very hard.  When things get really tough I know all I have to do is think of those who were there for me and will be there for me.

Last August I took My little girl Grace to the Brixhams Happenin Music festival which is a family orientated week-end of local music.  We were sitting on our blanket having a drink when her eyes lit up and smile growing before my eyes as she said “look Dad its Dave”.  She asked if I wanted to go talk to him and I said”no”.  She seemed prelected at my answer so I explained that Dave and I have said all we need to, to each other.  All Dave and I do now is make eye contact and all is well.  I learned so much from listing to him and the help he gave me to climb out of my own personal dark hole will always be with me.

Dave was enjoying the day as we were. He was with others so all I could do is wonder how he was helping them.   Could it be that seeing Dave’s life makes one appreciate what you have or is it you want what he has true freedom.  Here is another picture of Dave at the Music Festival in Brixham Devon.


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  1. sara
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 17:49:39

    I would like to think we are all Angels in training……..


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