Oh to be a fish…

I often wonder what it would be like to be a fish.  Not just a fish but a Gold Fish.  They say it only has a three-second memory but I disagree.  My fish have to move a stone around the tank to get food.  Sounds mean but they are take care of so well.  I have 5 fish now 3 little guys(used to be 5 little guys but 2 just disappeared !!) and tow gold-fish, one named Strawberry and the other Cream.  I find it so relaxing to watch them swim around and watching me.  So are they in the fish bowl or am I?  I am going to get a bigger tank with some more fish but will always keep these guys in a place of honor.  They say pets give you love regardless and the same could be said to fish but its hard to get a hug.  It’s a bit wet and slippery.  I will stick to untouched love and every now and then I put my finger in the water and I get a nibble and a nudge.  That’s all it takes from a fish to make one feel good.  So fish are on my list of likes!  I also found that they keep their living area clean by blowing the waste under shells and let me know when they need the water changed but I do it regularly any way.  So if you want to add a bit of style and beauty to a room in your home then find an unusual glass container to use as a fish tank and it will become a talking piece.  Well keep calm and smiles to all.

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