Paignton Harbor at low tide.

Just another interesting place.  I live just around the corner from here.  Where is here you may be asking, it’s the Paignton Harbor in Devon UK.  It’s so nice to walk around this area as the back ground is the sea and loads of people enjoying the sea.  There is a rowing club that gets together 3 to 4 times a week to practice and socialize.  They have their own private bar!!! I went to see them to see if I could join their club and they were so nice and gave me a tour.  I would love to join them but I don’t get back from work in time to take advantage of the rowing.  One day I will get work that is closer than I could do it.  The tide was out when I took this photo and it was early into the evening.  You can even see the moon. 🙂  Torbay has so much to offer and all you have to do is open your eyes and really look around.  There is so much to do that everyone can find that certain activity they have always wanted to try.  If you like this picture then please leave me a comment and even if you hate it, let me know as I will listen to both sides.  Pass on this blog and subscribe to it as it’s free and you will be kept up to date with all that is happening on this blog.  You can also cancel it at anytime.  Keep smiling and talk to you all soon.


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