Mobile Phones???

I never wanted to step into this age of “here I am at your beck and CALL”.  Everyone can now contact me and sometimes it is wonderful to get a call but I find it annoying to get it in public.  Everyone has one, two and sometimes three.  My little girl has two.  I want the good old days of only having a home phone and no one calls after 8pm unless it’s family and an emergency.  I must have one because of work, being “on-call” another bad word! Oh, I also need it as I need to be in contact with my Daughter and her school. Other than that I don’t need the silly thing. They, the phone can do most of life’s things except wipe your bottom butt I ‘m sure they will come up with an app to do that for you.  🙂  I have a contract with my phone and it’s up next month and I must see what deal I can get so I am off to the phone shop to get the best deal.  I bet they try to stick it to me with a long contract. 


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