It’s not just the down and outs with no ambition that decide to just go it alone.  I met this man last summer and we will call him Dave.  He told me his story and allowed me to photograph him relaxing for the evening.  During our chat I learned so much about him and how people react and treated him over the years.  This man was married and had a great job along with a fab education to boot.  He said that one day during his marriage his wife  decided to leave him and his whole world that he knew and love imploded around him.  I could relate but we had one small difference I had a child.  Dave has a Masters in History and was a Teacher.  For the past 10 years Dave has been traveling all over England doing what he wants to and answers to no one.  He said he has never asked anyone for help and would rather just talk with anyone who could get past their prejudices over the homeless bum look.  I spent 2 hours talking with him and I felt like I was the lucky one but in fact Dave was the lucky one.  He hasn’t had it easy as you cn see by the scar on his head.  He got that from some nasty person in Blackpool because he was homeless.  I don’t understand why  this person felt he had the right to harm Dave and land him in hospital fighting for his life.  He told me to always fight for what I believe in and never give up on what is important to me and do only what I want to do regardless of what others think.  After that talk I felt really good about myself and didn’t see Dave for a few months.  I next saw him at a music festival in Brixham Devon.  It’s called “Brixham’s Happenin” and is held every July with live bands, food, drink and fun for the whole family.  It may not be “Woodstock” but it is nice all the same.  I will return to Dave’s story and what gifts he gave to me periodically.  Thank you Dave :). 


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