NO.7 Fish bistro

I must say this, No.7 fish bistro is on my list of likes. I just went to dinner at one of Torquay’s best restaurants in the Torbay area.  They have the Freshest Fish around.  I even watched as the owner bought some fresh caught fish from a local fisherman. You can’t beat that for quality, freshness and local fish straight from the sea to your plate.  The atmosphere in the place is just right as everyone seems to be enjoying their meals and the attentiveness of the staff.  I would return to this place and hope that I am treated with the same quality of the food as tonight’s.

The only thing I can criticize are small but says a lot.  I feel that the staff could smile when engaging with the customers and when you place the food in front of the customers one should always serve the children first and then the woman.  And on the other end, when the meal is finished please don’t stack all the dishes in one pile and struggle to pick it up and then say “I didn’t know it was going to be this heavy”.  I felt uncomfortable as I would not have liked my meal ruined by a silly mess on me or my guest.

If I had to rate No.7 fish bistro located in Torquay Devon it would be a 7.  TOP MARKS FOR THE FOOD!!!! I would recommend this place highly.  Can’t wait to go back and see if it has improved to be a 10.


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