Three “BIRDS” on the Beach. Goodrington Beach Devon UK

Grace and I went to the beach for the all important Father and Daughter after dinner walk.  We had a play and to be honest we could have played all night as the weather was great and the sea is so powerful that it draws my water girl to it all the time.  We have a little story for you all….. You can click to enlarge each photo to get a real feel for what we saw so try it and show your friends this free to subscribe blog!

Once there were three birds all tuff and out on the beach looking to have fun.  They started out shy but then one wanted to show off.  The Guy Gulls knew that the Girl Gull were watching them.  Now one Gull say “let’s go surfing” but the other two know that the English water is so cold even in the summer.  And only Mr. Macho Gull gets right into the water and shows off his stuff

  This water is so cold!!! But here comes the wave, Surfs up. Wings out, Head forward and here we go.

Check me out!!!!

What a ride, you need to try this Guys.

Ok I’m cold now! Let go for some food and a drink.

Guy Gulls like to have fun.  The Beach is always full of interesting things from birds to waves but most important is Father and Daughter time.. 🙂


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