I need CHOCOLATE!!!!

I feel the need for Chocolate! It must be that time and today I feel it.  Everything and anything seems to be setting me off. It’s not the people just the silly things they say or do.  I don’t go off on one meanly just hyperactive.  I know everyone thinks that only women have Hormones but let me say this “we men are hormonal too!”  We tend to say our mood are done to three things and in no particular order, lack of sleep, hunger or the one we most think about SEX.  OMG! Did I mention sex, sorry it’s not on my right now but give it a few seconds oops there it is. 🙂  Thank god it’s Friday and I will have the week-end with my little Girl Grace.  I might even have a visit from a real friend if I am lucky.  🙂  Must head off to the shops and buy my CHOCOLATE before someone kills me ( I work with women ) and I don’t have any back up ie. Chocolate to help me survive. Take care and send me your thoughts!  Smiles to all.


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