COKE? Or is it something else? GOOD or BAD? YOU DECIDE

I know it’s the all American icon / dream. It is the only drink that refreshes and quenches all thirst but has done more harm around the world.  The influence it has on every corner of every country is unbelievable.  Just think, have you ever been to some place different say on holiday and not found a coke?  I have nothing against coke because I love it and will always drink it.  I convinced my little girl that it was ALCOHOL for the longest time until she lived in the USA and went to a school friends home for a sleep over.  She came back and asked me if it was really true that coke could make you drunk. I had to tell her I was fooling around and it is not alcohol.  There now is coke in our house but only once in a while because is on semi healthy in moderation. I see kids with poor diet and it’s not nice to se unhealthy children with bad teeth, over weight , hyper-active and poorly.  But what about coke taking responsibility for this?  No it isn’t their fault for having an addictive wonderful drink.  We should know better and we have free will to choose what we put down our throats.   I would love to know how much they Coke give to world health.  This is only my opinion and whether you decide to agree with me is up to you.  Let me know what you think and pass this on to all by subscribing to my blog. smiles to all 🙂    


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