Balance is the key to everything….

Everything is good but in small amounts right?  Well I feel that a balanced life in every area is key. The amount of work and fun we have from day-to-day is relative to our happiness.  If one works vast amounts of hours then the quality of life drops. If too much fun is had then all structure fades away and happiness dissipates.  So finding the balance is key.  I find myself trying so hard to ensure those around me are happy that my own happiness is dwindling away.  Taking time out for myself seems to be helping me but also hurts those around me.  I feel that I am on the verge of loosing those I feel close to but if it happens its my fault or is it? No one can understand another person fully because of our natural selfishness, we protect ourselves regardless.  Like the balancing stones on St. Mary’s Bay Brixham Devon England They to enjoy being the centre of attention on the beach but in the end the sea will balance everything to equal.  That is every stone will be seen the same as no stone or group of stones will stand out more than another.  Hope this wasn’t to deep as I am just me and can only put my thoughts and opinion out there. So let me know what you think, I am truly interested.     


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