ADOXOGRAPHY Not the same car but needed an image!(did own this one)

It seems that I don’t have enough to go around in the financial area of my life.  It’s true to a certain extent . I make enough money but everyone seems to be taking it right now!  Life happens and all the savings go in to things like my poor car breaking its’ jaw (bumper).  I let myself become preoccupied  just for a few seconds and  BAM! I saw the back-end of a van.  I did manage to stop in time except I didn’t know the van had a trailer hitch sticking out 1.5 feet.  Ouch! The car crumbled. This turned out to be an expensive  lesson to learn to the tune of $600 to me but the insurance had to pay out $2500. When it all happened  panic set in. I was worried that I might have hurt some one. Thankfully no one was hurt as I was moving at less than 5 miles an hour.  The Van driver took one look and shook my hand whilst saying my van is ok but your car is trashed ( he said some other words with it, use your imagination.) Then he drove off.  Just so you all know the distraction, no not a pretty girl, it was something that we all need to be aware of , the mobile phone!   I didn’t answer it, I looked at it to see who called and that’s all it takes.  I wish I could go back to the days of not owning one but in this day and age we can’t live without it.  Take care and do what I do now, I leave the phone in the back seat.  Talk to  you later and be safe. 🙂


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